Audio-Technica M50xSTS Headphones: Features and Pricing

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Audio-Technica's M50xSTS & M50xSTS-USB

Audio-Technica introduced the StreamSet wired headsets, specifically designed for content creators, at CES. The M50xSTS comes in two options: one with 3.5mm aux and XLR connectivity, and the other with a USB cable that provides additional features. Both versions feature the same 45mm large-aperture drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils found in the M50x, as well as interchangeable earpads. The M50x earpads prioritize audio quality and sound isolation, while the mesh and leatherette earpads prioritize breathability and comfort. The microphone is a cardioid condenser from Audio-Technica’s 20 Series, with a boom arm and the ability to mute when flipped up. The USB version also has sidetone circuitry, allowing the user to hear their own voice through the headset and adjust the volume with an earcup dial.

The M50xSTS headphones come with a two-meter cable that has a 3.5mm headphone input and an XLR output for the microphone, which can be connected to an audio interface or mixer. The M50xSTS-USB version also has a two-meter cable, but it features a USB-A connector. It also includes a USB-C adapter. This model also includes an analog-to-digital converter with a maximum sampling rate of 24 bits or 96 kHz. The M50xSTS is priced at $199, while the M50xSTS-USB costs $229.